Results for Independence

  • Highlands for independence

    This page is set out to be a declaration by the people in the highlands of our wish to see Scotland return to being an independent nation.

  • International banks prepare for London ‘Br-exodus’

    The UK financial sector could face as many as 75,000 job losses if hard Brexit becomes a reality. According to updated research, the exodus may include 40,000 investment bankers, w...
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  • IV-i

    Hi, I'm IV-i the Independent Voting Indicator. I will frequently ask the visitors of the site their view about independence by answering a few questions.

  • March for Independence- #Indyref2020

    Hosted by All Under One Banner
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  • Netherlands for Scottish Independence march and rally

    The 4th annual march and rally for Scottish independence in The Hague. Right outside Central station. And the march will take us right by the Brittish embassy.
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  • New United 45 plus Rally in Edinburgh

    Thousands gather in support of independence for an afternoon of speeches, stalls, music and family fun.
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  • No, thanks?!

    You can now put a 'No, thanks' billboard into your own garden. Did you know that with this 'No, thanks' sign for Scottish Independence, you basically say no thanks to things that m...
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  • Pensioners for Independence group relaunched

    PENSIONERS for Independence has relaunched with a clear warning – ignore elderly voters and we could lose a second independence referendum. Group organiser Gordon Smith said this i...
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  • Pledge your support for Independence -

    Help to send a message to Westminster that now is the time for independence by inviting your friends, family and followers to pledge their support.

  • Post-referendum activity of young to be studied

    A new study by academics at Robert Gordon University (RGU) will investigate levels of political engagement among young people following the Scottish independence referendum.
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