Scotland: Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Although Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, Edinburgh is the capital city.

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  • The National

    The National is the ONLY newspaper that supports an independent Scotland.

  • About us is a non-profit initiative to inform the people of Scotland about the benefits and opportunities for Scotland to become an independent country.

  • Our aim

    We had an opportunity to take our destiny into our own hands on September 18th 2014. 55% of the electorate chose not to following months of fear tactics by Westminster, the Establi...

  • 10 Stupid reasons to be Pro or Against Scottish Independence

    Some of the reasons I heard were too disturbing, silly, strange or unsettling to post under the 'valid reasons' to be 'Pro' or 'Against' Scottish Independence. These reasons have n...
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  • A Letter to the People of Scotland

    On Thursday the people of Scotland will vote in in one of the most historic events in Scottish history; "Should Scotland be an independent country?"
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  • A new start for

    This website will become a hub for anyone interested in Scottish Independence and Devo Max. Our aim is to present all the related news, links, articles, videos and other resources ...
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  • Alba

    ALBA believes that Scottish independence is an overwhelming and immediate priority for the people of Scotland and notes with growing concern the failure of the Scottish Government ...

  • Anti-fracking protest at INEOS in Grangemouth

    A static protest outside INEOS in Grangemouth organised by No Fracking Falkirk.
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  • Bella Caledonia

    Charting the creative disintegration of the British state (daily)

  • Bella Caledonia

    Bella Caledonia is an online magazine (launched in 2007) exploring ideas of independence, self-determination and autonomy. Bella is edited and run by Mike Small.