Scotland: Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Although Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, Edinburgh is the capital city.

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  • Forward As One

    Pro-Independence March and Rally to be held in the town of Dunfermline in the Park donated to the people by the industrialist Andrew Carnegie also know as Pittencrieff Park and fit...
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  • Free Scotland

    We believe Scotland should be an independent country because the best people to decide Scotland’s future are the people who care most about Scotland – those who live here.

  • Hedgehog Creations

    Hedgehog Creations provides Web Design, Website Development & Site Maintenance using ColdFusion in Clackmannanshire, Perth and Kinross, Stirling, Fife, Perthshire, Central Scotland...

  • Highlands for independence

    This page is set out to be a declaration by the people in the highlands of our wish to see Scotland return to being an independent nation.

  • How Can I Be Guilty Of Treason When England Is Foreign To Me

    This is a page screaming for an Independent Scotland. Sharing information on topics past and present that interest me..

  • Independent Scotland

    We believe that Scotland can, should and must be an independent country. Everyone is welcome.

  • International banks prepare for London ‘Br-exodus’

    The UK financial sector could face as many as 75,000 job losses if hard Brexit becomes a reality. According to updated research, the exodus may include 40,000 investment bankers, w...
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  • Learning from NHS Scotland

    The health services of England, Wales and Northern Ireland could learn lessons from the Scottish NHS, according to a new report. The Nuffield Trust found that Scotland had a unique...
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  • No, thanks?!

    You can now put a 'No, thanks' billboard into your own garden. Did you know that with this 'No, thanks' sign for Scottish Independence, you basically say no thanks to things that m...
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  • Radical Independence Campaign

    RIC is a non-party-political organisation, which focuses on issues-based campaigning. It does not stand or endorse candidates, and it welcomes activists from all parties and none.