Some of the reasons I heard were too disturbing, silly, strange or unsettling to post under the 'valid reasons' to vote either Yes or No. These reasons have no proper arguments or reasoning behind it, however I still decided to 'debunk' them.

To be clear, these 10 stupid reasons to vote Yes or No below are not mine, but I found them so silly, strange or disturbing, that I decided to post them separately in this blog.

  1. Voting Yes, because you don't like or even hate the English
    Voting for Scottish Independence has nothing to do with hating the English or revenge for anything that happened in the past. It's about self-determination and getting the governing powers closer to home where it matters.
  2. Voting No, because you don't like or even hate Alex Salmond
    You're not voting for Alex Salmond. You vote to move powers to Scotland. At the moment the most crucial laws and policies are made in England even if they concern Scotland. First ministers come and go, but the decision about Independence is a choice for making a better future. When Scotland becomes independent, a new government will be chosen soon after and like a real democracy we can choose who we want as our Prime minister. 
  3. Voting Yes, because you don't like or even hate Tories
    Voting Yes will not guarantee the tories ever to rule again in Scotland. However unlike the English 'one party rules system', a Scottish Democracy is usually driven by a coalition of Parties that will decide our future, so compromises will be made in the interest of all people and not just one particular group of people.
  4. Voting No, because you don't vote SNP
    Please remember, you will not be voting for a political party, but for moving goverment powers from Westminster to Scotland. After Independence we can vote for any political party. Even better, this time the political party we choose will actually be in ruling position, unlike the current system where Scottish voters have voted SNP or Labour and still ended up with Tories and LibDems in Westminster
  5. Voting No, because you believe Scotland cannot make it on their own
    All parties and sides have concluded that Scotland has what it takes to be independent. Even the tories and David Cameron have finally admitted that Scotland can easily make it on its own.
  6. Voting Yes, because you believe we will be filthy rich
    Yes, the people of Scotland will probably be better off financially and socially, but don't think we're going to be swimming in money. We need to set up tax offices and other services that are now centralised in England. This creates job, but also costs money.
  7. Voting No, because you are English and living in Scotland
    If you are born in England, it doesn't automatically mean you have to vote against independence. Just check out what you think on certain matters and make a decision based on facts.
  8. Voting No, because you think you won't be able to visit family in England
    You don't need permission to go abroad. You can drive through many European countries without border control, so you can visit anyone you like on both sides. 
  9. Voting No, because you think we will not have a currency
    If England doesn't want to share the currency, we have good news, because we'll start as a Debt-free country! Because how can we pay off a debt in a currency we don't have. If we do get to share the currency, but become two independent nation, I also have good news, because there are many other countries that share a currency and are totally independent. So, what is actually the big deal?!
  10. Voting No, because you are scared of change
    Change is going to happen, whether you say Yes or No. In fact, by saying NO, you will have less control over the changes that are going to change, because the government who makes these decisions is still in Westminster.