You can now put a 'No, thanks' billboard into your own garden. Did you know that with this 'No, thanks' sign for Scottish Independence, you basically say no thanks to things that may actually have been beneficial for you?

However you may be supporting the majority of the reasons below, because No thanks means:

No, please let Scotland be ruled by Westminster in England
The UK Government know what's best for Scotland, but they need our wealth to do it. They will treat 5 million people living in Scotland the same as the rest of the 55 million people living in the rest of the UK, like they always have.

No, please keep building more Nuclear weapons and submarines. 
We need to show the enemy the power of our empire. We need the destructive power to annihilate them. War keeps people in jobs and we need jobs more than we need peace.

No, please keep Tories in parliament or even UKIP after the future elections. 
The Tories and UKIP really have the best interests for the Scots, they don't want Scotland to leave the UK, because they fear Scotland will not make it on its own financially. England has been funding Scotland and those parties really don't mind pouring money into Scotland. We can trust the tories to give us more powers if we vote NO, although the UKIP have already mentioned their wish to devolve most of the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

No, please continue privatisation
Businesses can run the most vital services and emergency services far better than a government can, because they have profit in mind. We will not make the same mistakes as the US with their private health sector and fire brigades. 

No, please keep the gap between rich and poor
Keeping the rich rich, leaves something for the poor to aspire and dream about. It makes them work harder and hard work keeps them occupied. The MSP's of Westminster have far more important things on their mind and needs to keep their wealthy business friends happy to support the country.

No, please keep treating us as wee Scotland
Keep making decisions for us. Our country is too wee and Scotland is too insignificant alone. While all other small countries (that have been going independent) are thriving, Scotland will be the first country to fall into oblivion after independence.

Well, iIf none of these reasons make any sense, please make sure you know the real reasons for voting No for an Independent Scotland. It would be a shame if you only let fear influence one of the most important decisions of our lives and the lives of our friends and family.

Voting No means you are support to continue an Imperialistic UK Power with no interest in Scotland except for their wealth. It is very likely they will take away some our current powers, because it's getting a bit too close with this Referendum.