One of the most heard reasons why people are thinking about voting NO at Scotland's next Referendum for Independence is that they would like to leave everything as it is.

While this may not be the outcome whether we vote Yes or No, may be irrelevant. There are many claims and warnings by experts from the No Campaign that it is very difficult and time consuming to become an Independent Country. Maybe there is just too much hassle in becoming independent and too much uncertainty about the future?

If you agree with 10 of the most heard reasons, opinions and comments from No-voters listed below, then you probably feel most comfortable by voting NO at Scotland's next Referendum for Scottish Independence. Please be aware of our cynical notes with each of these reasons, we wouldn't want anyone to think that we agree with these reasons, would we?

1. Believing England and Scotland are better off together

After countless of struggles, wars and disagreements between England and Scotland, both countries have finally been united since 1707 under the Acts of Union. Before that the two countries had already shared a monarch since the Union of the Crowns in 1603, when King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne. Yes, there are cultural differences and different political views, but it's in the interests of both countries to be kept united under 1 government.
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2. Unsure about the future after Independence

Some people are scared how an Independent Scotland will change their day to day lives. Yes, things may improve and become better, but the change itself feels overwhelming and daunting. The YES campaign cannot provide any guarantees. However you are aware that change is probably also going to happen with a NO vote and the current powers of the Scottish Parliament may be taken away.
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3. Doubtful about benefits for yourself as individual

Some people are not sure what they would benefit from it personally. Although experts supporting the Yes Campaign claim that Independence will create more jobs, be better for Pensioners, people with children and people in need of better Healthcare, some voters are still not sure if it would improve things for them as an individual.
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4. Doubtful about supporting the EU

You believe the EU doesn't seem to be beneficial for the UK. The UK has decided to withdraw from the EU altogether even when they used this as an argument themselves against Scotland becoming independent during the first referendum in 2014. You are under the impression that the UK contributes more to the EU than the EU does for the UK.
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5. Thinking that Scotland cannot make it alone

You believe Scotland cannot make it on its own. We just have over 5 million people and a large land mass. However did you know that other countries with the same population or land mass have been going independent in Europe are thriving? Especially the countries using the 'Scandinavian model'.
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6. Leaving Responsibilities at Westminster

You don't believe Scotland should have more powers or you trust the Westminster's politicians to give Scotland more powers in the future.You're willing to take the risk however that powers could be stripped away in the future and funding could be decreased.
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7. Happy with choices of government at Westminster

You are happy with a Tory Government or perhaps even a future UKIP Government at Westminster. You believe that the choices made by the UK Government in the past have been in the interest of Scotland. 
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8. Scotland costs more than it generates

Does Scotland cost more than it generates? The UK Government is making everyone believe that Scottish people are financially worse off after independence. If this is true, why are they desperate to keep Scotland in the union even if it costs them so much money? They probably don't mind to financially support Scotland well into the future -or- the UK government isn't totally honest about it.
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9. Sharing Scottish Oil resources benefits us all

The vast income and revenue from oil in the Scottish part of the North Sea is too much to spend for a small country like Scotland. You find it fair to share these vast resources with the rest of the United Kingdom and benefit both from the wealth and revenue.
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10. Believing in building Nuclear Weapons

For some the world seems more threatening every day. You may find it true that by building Nuclear Weapons we are more able to protect ourselves against our enemies. An independent Scotland would disarm Nuclear Weapons and spend most of its Defense budget on helping people in need, keep providing free education and support childcare.
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