55.3% of the voters do not want Scotland to become an Independent Nation. Scotland's referendum for Scottish Independence has passed and the votes have been counted. Who will be the winners and the losers after Scotland's Referendum?

Both sides have things to lose and things to gain, but some of the players have hidden agendas or a personal stake in our vote. So, who is most likely to gain from a Yes or a No vote on either side?

Winners   Losers
  1. The People of Wales and Northern Ireland
    They will not be left alone with England as a minority group.
  2. Tories and UKIP
    The UK Government will tighten its grip on Scotland. Future promises of Devo-max, will not have to be kept, because it was only the party leaders making these promises, not the government itself.
    A future UKIP may even decide to abolish the Scottish Parliament entirely.
  3. The rich elite
    The establishment and rich elite will be able to continue to strip Scotland from its resources and use Scotland's own wealth to continue to bully the Scottish people that they will never be able to do it alone. 
  4. David Cameron
    Not going into history as: "the man who lost Scotland".

  1. The People of Scotland
    Losing the power to make a difference and making it more difficult to make beneficial changes. More money spend on defence and nuclear weapons instead of welfare. Probable loss of Scottish Powers, despite any promises.
  2. SNP
    SNP will suffer a personal defeat, because an Independent Scotland has been their primary objective for years.
  3. Dreams, Hope and Opportunities
    Project Fear has won, shattering the dreams of most people in making Scotland a better place to live.