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  • SNP must collaborate with SIRP

    Hard Tory Brexit will hit Aberdeen and Edinburgh economies twice as hard as rest of UK – so SNP must collaborate in progressive alliance with Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party to maximise Indy-MSPs in next Holyrood election.

  • Different Brexit deal possible for Scotland

    There is a "strong case" for Scotland having different Brexit arrangements from the rest of the UK in some areas, peers have said. The Lords EU committee said the move could be necessary if a UK-wide deal does not reflect Scotland's needs.

  • Alex Salmond will stand for IndyRef2

    Alex Salmond predicts another election will be held in about two years. Alex Salmond has confirmed that he intends to stand again in future elections following his shock defeat by a Tory candidate in June.

  • Scotland Office accused of dodgy graphs by SNP

    In a brief sent to the BBC, seen by The National, the SNP party say a graphic given to the broadcaster by David Mundell’s department used a very specific time scale, showing one measure of a growth of GDP taken out of context, in a bid, they claim, to make the figures seem less than they were.

  • Learning from NHS Scotland

    The health services of England, Wales and Northern Ireland could learn lessons from the Scottish NHS, according to a new report. The Nuffield Trust found that Scotland had a unique system for improving the quality and safety of patient care.

  • Scottish economy rebounds 1Q 2017

    Scotland's economy rebounded in the first quarter of this year, boosted by growth in production and services.
    Official figures showed GDP grew by 0.8%, having shrunk by 0.2% in the previous three months.

  • Vulnerable hit by Tories

    SOCIAL security spend in Scotland will be cut by nearly £4 billion each year by the end of this decade – with women, disabled and young people bearing the brunt of the punitive measures.

  • Tories pampered with money from Saudi Arabia

    The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Tories has come to the fore again in the wake of the London attacks. Members of the public have urged Tory ministers to rethink their cosy accord with the kingdom due to its reputation as a state sponsor of terror.

  • Surge in support for Welsh independence

    A quarter of the Welsh public favour independence for Wales, with support rising to a third if the Conservatives increase their majority at Westminster, according to a new opinion poll undertaken by YouGov for the campaign group YesCymru.

  • Pensioners for Independence group relaunched

    PENSIONERS for Independence has relaunched with a clear warning – ignore elderly voters and we could lose a second independence referendum. Group organiser Gordon Smith said this is the “reincarnation of Pensioners for Independence” and their votes are vital if we are to win a second referendum.