is a non-profit initiative to inform the people of Scotland about the benefits and opportunities for Scotland to become an independent country.

Before and after the Referendum in September 2014, we've felt the need to inform people about the real benefits and changes if Scotland would become an Independent country.

We find it unsettling that the major broadcasting networks, newspapers and other media are so obviously biased and seem to bow down to the imperialistic self-serving elite in Westminster and across the country. 

Remember that only the people of Scotland can decide what is best for Scotland! We need self-determination by moving the powers to Holyrood and the only way to do that is to become an Independent Scotland.

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    We had an opportunity to take our destiny into our own hands on September 18th 2014. 55% of the electorate chose not to following months of fear tactics by Westminster, the Establishment and the shameful bias of the Media.

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    Leading up to the referendum we've tried to inform people about the choices and the effects of either a Yes or a No vote. Below are the statistics of our website from 1st January to 18th September 2014.

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    This section has random selection of our favourite websites. They have no particular relevance to our cause, but are just some great sites you should be aware of.