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  • What do you think about Independence?

    Hi, I'm IV-i the Independent Voting Indicator. I would like to hear your opinion about a few questions and when the test is complete, I can tell you if an Independent Scotland woul...

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    We are the 45% Group’ stands for Yes voters who felt Scotland had a chance for independence and for No voters who feel their chance was taken away.

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  • 10 Stupid reasons to vote Yes or No

    Some of the reasons I heard were too disturbing, silly, strange or unsettling to post under the 'valid reasons' to vote either Yes or No. These reasons have no proper arguments or ...
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  • A new start for

    This website will become a hub for anyone interested in Scottish Independence and Devo Max. Our aim is to present all the related news, links, articles, videos and other resources ...
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  • Alex Salmond will stand for IndyRef2

    Alex Salmond predicts another election will be held in about two years. Alex Salmond has confirmed that he intends to stand again in future elections following his shock defeat by ...
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