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  • The National

    The National is the ONLY newspaper that supports an independent Scotland.

  • Our aim

    We had an opportunity to take our destiny into our own hands on September 18th 2014. 55% of the electorate chose not to following months of fear tactics by Westminster, the Establi...

  • A Letter to the People of Scotland

    On Thursday the people of Scotland will vote in in one of the most historic events in Scottish history; "Should Scotland be an independent country?"
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  • AUOB National Assembly

    AUOB NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Saturday 15th February 2020 Adelaides Baptist Church 209 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4HZ 12.30pm-5.30pm After a successful year for our ...
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  • Build: Bridges to Indy

    the Scottish Independence Convention will hold a national conference called Build: Bridges to Indy in Edinburgh’s Usher Halls on Saturday 4th November 2017.
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  • Celebrities supporting Independence

    National Collective’s Ross Colquhoun was challenged by a Unionist friend to name 20 artists and creatives who support independence – he managed to name 50. This is the list.

  • Demonstration 'End Austerity Now'

    The People's Assembly is organising a major national demonstration to tell the new government: END AUSTERITY NOW
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  • Scotland Office accused of dodgy graphs by SNP

    In a brief sent to the BBC, seen by The National, the SNP party say a graphic given to the broadcaster by David Mundell’s department used a very specific time scale, showing one me...
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  • Scottish devolution powers 'watered down', claims SNP

    Westminster's plans to hand new powers to Scotland have been "significantly watered down", according to the Scottish National Party.
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  • Scottish National Party

    The SNP is a social democratic political party committed to Scottish independence. The party has been at the forefront of the campaign for Scottish independence for over seven dec...