Scotland: Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Although Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, Edinburgh is the capital city.

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  • Bella Caledonia (facebook)

    Bella Caledonia is an online magazine (launched in 2007) exploring ideas of independence, self-determination and autonomy. Bella is edited and run by Mike Small.

  • Build: Bridges to Indy

    the Scottish Independence Convention will hold a national conference called Build: Bridges to Indy in Edinburgh’s Usher Halls on Saturday 4th November 2017.
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  • Business for Scotland

    Business for Scotland is a campaigning business network and think tank. We are a passionate about unlocking Scotland’s potential by promoting policies that will create sustainable ...

  • Can Scotland become independent?

    YES! We believe that since the referendum from 2014 support for Scottish Independence has increased dramatically. We've now reached a critical mass supporting Independence. It's ti...
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  • Different Brexit deal possible for Scotland

    There is a "strong case" for Scotland having different Brexit arrangements from the rest of the UK in some areas, peers have said. The Lords EU committee said the move could be nec...
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  • End political anarchy in the UK

    The only British politician to keep her head after the Brexit vote is Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon. Why not find a way to put her in charge of steering a path through the Euro mess?
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  • EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland

    This page is for EU Citizens of all nationalities who have made Scotland their home and support independence for Scotland

  • Evolution Scotland

    Evolution Scotland has evolved from the 'We are the 45% Facebook page'. Members were nominated and approved by group members in an open process.

  • Forces for Independent Scotland

    This Group is about fighting the Westminster Government and major parties which are NOT in alignment with the SNP or the YES campaign and Yes parties.