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  • Scottish Socialist Party

    The Scottish Socialist Party was founded in 1999 and stands for an independent socialist Scotland, a modern democratic republic.

  • SNP must collaborate with SIRP

    Hard Tory Brexit will hit Aberdeen and Edinburgh economies twice as hard as rest of UK – so SNP must collaborate in progressive alliance with Scotland’s Independence Referendum Par...
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  • SNP Scottish victory ‘a vote against austerity’ - Sturgeon

    Nicola Sturgeon insists yesterday’s vote in Scotland was an “overwhelming vote against continued austerity,” following a landslide victory for the SNP north of the border.
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  • Stirling Health Food Store

    Stirling Health Food Store is an independent shop selling whole & dietary foods, minerals & vitamins, herbal supplements and medicine, homeopathic remedies and homebrew in Scotland...

  • The Future of Local Democracy in Scotland

    Following on from the sucess of the first #postindyref event in October, the Democratic Society is delighted to announce details of our second #postindyref event entitled: Post-Ref...
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  • The National - Scottish Newspaper

    The National, the only one that supports the idea of independence for Scotland. The newspaper is a sister to the Sunday Herald, which declared itself in favour of a yes vote in Sep...

  • The wee Blue Book

    Scotland is served by 37 national or daily newspapers. Not one supports independence. (The only publication to back a Yes vote is a weekly, the Sunday Herald.) Newspapers have no d...

  • Tories plan to scrap Human Rights Act

    Scottish government source warns there could be a complete standoff as Holyrood says it will withhold legislative consent.
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  • Vulnerable hit by Tories

    SOCIAL security spend in Scotland will be cut by nearly £4 billion each year by the end of this decade – with women, disabled and young people bearing the brunt of the punitive mea...
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  • Why vote NO for Scottish Independence?

    One of the most heard reasons why people are thinking about voting NO at Scotland's Referendum for Independence is that they would like to leave everything as it is.
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