The people of England have decided. They'd rather have a lying self-appointed narcissistic crook taking the country off the cliff than vote for a pathetic wimp or a two-faced conservative in disguise. Totally ignoring that besides Brexit we seriously need to look at climate change and therefore could have voted the Green Party.

At least in Scotland we have the option for choosing a party that will lead us into prosperity and a better future, like the SNP or Scottish Greens but in England they are not that lucky. After all that has happened over the last six months the people of England saw no other option, but to chose the most crooked of them all, because he seems to be the best in what he does.

If you can even win an election after bullying tactics, lying to the queen, propaganda, self-appointed leadership, utter contempt for the legal system and outright criminal behaviour than it must be pretty dire on the other side of the border. It's almost as if the English people have chosen the party with the most effective leader to take the UK to self-destruction.

Ignore climate change, ignore the fact that 1% super rich hold 99% of the worlds riches and vote for the one party that gladly keeps this system in place and has the goal to speed these processes up even further. The sooner the apocalypse, the better. 

It's extremely likely that after Brexit, the pound will crash and everything will be up for grabs. The UK itself will be up for sale and Boris' foreign friends will buy up anything for less than a penny. Thank you for your support and the 0.1% filthy rich will now have 99.9% of the UK's riches. Please keep voting conservatives in the future.

People have the freedom of choice, but you can no longer hide behind ignorance.
When the UK hits rock bottom within 6 months after Brext, don't look surprised and say:
"Ich habe es nicht gewusst"  (translated from German: "I didn't know").