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What do you think about Independence?
Would Scottish Independence benefit you?

Hi, I'm IV-i the Independent Voting Indicator. I would like to hear your opinion and like to ask you a few questions. Once you've completed the questionnaire, I can tell you if an Independent Scotland would be beneficial for you or not.

9 Questions about Scottish Independence

Q1. Should we continue to build more nuclear weapons?

Q2. Should we continue to offer free education?

Q3. Should childcare be subsidised so people can go back to work?

Q4. Should we continue to stay part of the EU?

Q5. Should we continue further privatisation of public services? (i.e. like privatisation of NHS)

Q6. Between the two, what is the most urgent matter the parliament should focus on?

Q7. How would you like to see your country measured by?

Q8. Who should decide the Pensioners' Age for Scottish Citizens?

Q9. Who should decide the spending of the Scottish Oil Revenue?

Q10. Which Parliament would be better to act in the interest of Scottish Citizens?


IV-i says: YES you should vote for Independence IV-i says: NO you should vote for Independence IV-i says: I don't know what you should vote either

IV-I Says:

Thank your for completing the test! Your score is shown below.

The higher the score for either a YES or a NO the more likely you would benefit from it.

Your Score

YES for Independence

0 YES for an Independent Scotland

NO for Independence

0 NO for an Independent Scotland

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