The Scandinavian Model offers the kind of Personal Freedom with its guarantee of Social Progress. This is what it takes for Scotland to be the Next Norway!

Scotland 2060The Vision for Scotland of a "New Golden Age" 2060 (British economist Carlota Perez).

  1. Will Scotland be the Next Norway?
  2. The Key Element of the Scandinavian Model
  3. Its Success: Scandinavian had the better Killer Apps (Niall Ferguson)
  4. The Key to Prosperity in Scotland 2060: Personal Freedom
  5. The Researchers say: Equality is better for Everyone
  6. The New Golden Age thanks to ICT Green Growth (Carlota Perez)
  7. Scotlands Wealth 2060: at least Three Times higher (OECD)
  8. Prosperous Scotland 2060: not the UK, not Oil, not NHS - Social Development is the Game Changer!